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2020-10-21 12:06 am


My posts are mostly friendslocked. Photography, very rare icon posts, and other ridiculous sundry posts are usually public. Please comment on this post (or a recent public post) to be added.

I used to be more involved in fandomish pursuits, but at the moment, this journal is mostly a mix of horse blogging, "I hate my job!," indistinct grad school plans, and occasionally "look at this cool video I found months after the rest of the internet got bored with it!" I still enjoy keeping up with fandom, but you won't find much to interest you here if that's what you're looking for.

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2014-05-20 01:22 pm
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I read this article the other day, started out hopeful, and ended up castigating myself for being less productive and interesting than the author was during their unmedicated low points.

Sometimes I think, maybe it would be better if something had happened to me recently. If I'd gone through a breakup, lost a job, lost a family member, been in a car accident, something. Anything. Maybe then it would be socially acceptable for me to feel this way all the time.

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2013-07-10 10:23 pm
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Well, Xena is lame. Jodi said she can't tell which hind leg, which makes me nervous that it's up high, like her hips or SI.

Time to start with baby Zoe and maybe their new Perch gelding Mateo, who is broke to drive but not ride, I guess.

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2013-05-10 03:25 pm
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Strong feelings that my life will never get better, no matter what I do! YAAAAAAAAY!

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2013-03-30 06:00 pm

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I rode Warrior Pony outside today, since the weather was lovely and the "footing" in the "outdoor" was relatively dry. At the end, I decided to see how she did with a little walk out in the hay field, and she was surprisingly calm. She tends to be a bit stupid about new things and since I am a giant weenie about riding out I am not exactly confidence-inspiring. I couldn't tell you why the hay field is different from the "outdoor," since the "outdoor" doesn't have a fence or anything, it's just closer to the barn, but mentally both the horses and I find it less intimidating than the fields.

She did nearly spin and bolt for the barn just after I took this, but I sat and made myself breathe and then she was willing to wait for me to decide we could turn and walk back. Good pony.
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2013-02-09 06:49 pm

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Xena really does not care for working out in the awful cold damp snow. It is THE WORST as far as she is concerned.
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2012-09-05 10:49 pm

A Royal Affair Q&A

Royal Affair Q&ARoyal Affair Q&ARoyal Affair Q&ARoyal Affair Q&ARoyal Affair Q&A

A Royal Affair Q&A, a set on Flickr.

I took some photos of this impromptu Q&A session at the theater I work in ... clearly I need to upgrade my glass a bit for dark places. Autofocus would also be nice in situations such as this one. :/ Oh well, at least these few came out. :)

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2012-08-19 01:56 pm

Buck Brannaman clinic 8/18/12


Here's the full set of photos I took yesterday! Not edited because I'm lazy and I did take a buttload of photos, but, enjoy!

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2012-08-18 07:11 pm

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Couple of my favorite pics I took at the Brannaman clinic:




(Last one I also really liked in color because of her pink shirt, but I also love the b&w)
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2012-05-16 09:31 pm

photography is effing hard and I don't know what I'm doing with a camera




(Someday, some magical day, I will own a prime lens with autofocus and a flash, and that day will be awesome in the true sense of the word.)
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2012-04-03 11:25 pm

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People who haven't lived in Colorado never quite seem to believe how changeable the weather here is.





Yes, it's definitely spring.
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2011-10-09 11:12 pm


28/365 by j-hobbs
28/365, a photo by j-hobbs on Flickr.

Some of you will see this photo on the rss feed I made, but I'm SO proud of this photo that I wanted to share it with LJ at large. :)

One of my very oldest friends (I've known her and her twin since we were about a year and a half old) got married yesterday! Huge congrats to them both -- he's a wonderful guy and they will be very happy together.

They both are pro bike racers and did a cyclocross race in Fort Collins the day after the wedding, go figure. I think she wore a veil on her helmet. Wish I'd been able to go to THAT and take photos!

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2011-09-16 08:52 pm

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But in other news, I made an LJ feed for project 365! [ profile] flax365. Check it out, yo!

(Anyone know the easiest way to make flickr post to tumblr and/or twitter, too?)
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2011-09-13 09:36 pm

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Going to do the Photo 365! If you're interested it's here! I'm hoping it will encourage me to stretch a little bit both in terms of my subject matter and composition. :)

(There probably will be a lot of photos of tree branches and food, in spite of my best intentions, though ...)
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2011-07-11 07:21 pm

Ren Fest.

So not happy with most of the photos I took! There were a lot of beautiful costumes and the photos I took didn't do them justice at all (though in fairness I didn't really stop anyone to ask for "real" photos). Y U so hard to photograph well, all people everywhere?

mostly jousting pics tbqh )
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2011-05-09 08:21 pm


Oh, um, hey guys! Thank you for your many awesome book suggestions! I need to reply to a lot of them still (I suck) and I also have horsey things to write about, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of the CUTEST BEER IN THE WORLD.

This photo is objectively shitty (I got too excited about how fast this lens was when I was playing with it) but LOOK AT HOW CUTE THAT BEER IS.

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2011-03-19 11:35 pm

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I've apparently started tipping forward off my butt when I ride ... noticed it on Thursday and Trainer pointed it out in lesson today, too. I have never in my life had trouble with this before ... sure, I can always sit a little deeper, but even when my upper body is slouched, my butt is usually pretty firmly in the saddle. Not thrilled with this development. :|

Anyway, so, I hear there was a moon tonight or something? )

and a few messing-around-with-new-to-me-telephoto-lens photos )