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I used to be more involved in fandomish pursuits, but at the moment, this journal is mostly a mix of horse blogging, "I hate my job!," indistinct grad school plans, and occasionally "look at this cool video I found months after the rest of the internet got bored with it!" I still enjoy keeping up with fandom, but you won't find much to interest you here if that's what you're looking for.

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I read this article the other day, started out hopeful, and ended up castigating myself for being less productive and interesting than the author was during their unmedicated low points.

Sometimes I think, maybe it would be better if something had happened to me recently. If I'd gone through a breakup, lost a job, lost a family member, been in a car accident, something. Anything. Maybe then it would be socially acceptable for me to feel this way all the time.

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Well, Xena is lame. Jodi said she can't tell which hind leg, which makes me nervous that it's up high, like her hips or SI.

Time to start with baby Zoe and maybe their new Perch gelding Mateo, who is broke to drive but not ride, I guess.

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Strong feelings that my life will never get better, no matter what I do! YAAAAAAAAY!

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I rode Warrior Pony outside today, since the weather was lovely and the "footing" in the "outdoor" was relatively dry. At the end, I decided to see how she did with a little walk out in the hay field, and she was surprisingly calm. She tends to be a bit stupid about new things and since I am a giant weenie about riding out I am not exactly confidence-inspiring. I couldn't tell you why the hay field is different from the "outdoor," since the "outdoor" doesn't have a fence or anything, it's just closer to the barn, but mentally both the horses and I find it less intimidating than the fields.

She did nearly spin and bolt for the barn just after I took this, but I sat and made myself breathe and then she was willing to wait for me to decide we could turn and walk back. Good pony.


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